Are you setting SMART goals?

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When starting with social media, you need to write down a list of goals. In this blog we’ll talk you through how to determine what they are and how to make them SMART.
They sound complicated and clever! To plan a social media strategy that works you need to set the right goals. To set the right goals you need to really think about where you are currently at with your social media.
Start by auditing your post history, this will determine what worked and what didn’t.
Then, define your goals by making them SMART.
They should be:
What do you want to accomplish? Why is it important? What resources will be involved?
e.g. Have you done your housekeeping e.g. resized images for mobile? Have you established a digital style? Do you have a content bank? Do you have a central SharePoint for your content? Do you REALLY know your audience?
What metrics will determine if your efforts are successful or not?
e.g. Facebook insights provide historical comparison data not overall growth, do you have data that tells you how much you have grown?
How can you achieve these goals? Are they realistic?
e.g. is it get more leads? If you don’t know your exact audience or have a data analysis point is getting leads really your first goal? Or it is to write a business plan?
Is it the right time to try to achieve the goal? Does it align with your overall business strategy?
e.g. Is it to sell product online? Have you done your housekeeping yet?
What is the deadline? What can you accomplish within the given time? Is the timing realistic?
e.g. by next week I will have planned my strategy, built my content bank, written all of my content and scheduled it…be realistic. Make your goals achievable.
Defining your goals gives you focus, motivation, and results, it helps you to measure metrics that matter and measure performance on the goals you set.
Social media metrics that matter include reach, growth, conversions, and brand mentions.
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